There are typically 3 options to consider with a kitchen remodel.  The first is a total kitchen replacement.  Very messy, time consuming and expensive.  The second option is for those existing White and Off White kitchens.  Here we simply remove all of the existing chipping, warping, peeling or boring doors and replace with new doors (color matched).  There are many styles available from traditional Raised Panel to Shaker.  This option is incredibly popular due to the simplicity, efficiency and cost.  The third option is for a total kitchen Reface.  This allows you to totally change the style and color of your kitchen.  It’s the perfect alternative to replacing kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune.  Typically, the existing kitchen is White/Off White.  The cabinets are refaced with wood veneer (Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, etc…).  New wood doors are then installed.  We have many styles and colors.

The Process

All doors and drawer fronts will be removed.  Any modifications and/or fabrications to the cabinets will be done at this time.  Reconfiguring a cabinet next to the stove with large full extension drawers for pots/pans is a good example.  Any existing holes, chips or incidentals will then be addressed.  The cabinets will then be prepped for the veneer to be applied.

Once the veneer is applied to the cabinets we install the moldings.  Too often this is an overlooked finish detail.  The new doors and drawer fronts are then installed with new handles and/or knobs.  Your kitchen now has that brand new showroom look.

If countertops are to be replaced we do this last.  Click on our “Countertops” tab for more information and inspiration.  Keep in mind that unlike the traditional kitchen remodeling process you don’t need to do anything at this time with your countertops.

That’s all there is to it!